All cheats should be entered during normal gameplay. To do this, bring up Niko’s cellphone, use the table to find the cheat you want, and enter it using the directional keypad. Once the cheat is entered, a ‘Cheat Activated’ message will appear.

Cheat Name Cheat Code
Health & WeaponsGive Niko health and weapons. 482-555-0100
Health & ArmourGive Niko health and armour. Blocks the achievement “Finish Him.” 362-555-0100
Weapons (Advanced)Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG. 486-555-0100
Weapons (Poor)Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG. 486-555-0150
Remove Wanted LevelRemove any police wanted level. Blocks the achievement “Walked free.” 267-555-0100
Raise Wanted LevelAdd one star to Niko’s wanted level. 267-555-0150
Change WeatherSelect from eight different weather types. 468-555-0100
Spawn AnnihilatorSpawn an Annihilator helicopter in front of Niko. 359-555-0100
Spawn JetmaxSpawn a Jetmax boat in front of Niko. 938-555-0100
Spawn NRG-900Spawn an NRG-900 bike in front of Niko. 625-555-0100
Spawn SanchezSpawn a Sanchez bike in front of Niko. 625-555-0150
Spawn FIB BuffaloSpawn an FIB Buffalo in front of Niko. 227-555-0100
Spawn CometSpawn a Comet in front of Niko. 227-555-0175
Spawn TurismoSpawn a Turismo in front of Niko. 227-555-0147
Spawn CognoscentiSpawn a Cognoscenti in front of Niko. 227-555-0142
Spawn Super GTSpawn a Super GT in front of Niko. 227-555-0168


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